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Videografia Doro & Warlock


DORO –20 Years a Warrior  Soul - Winter Edition (2006)
DVD que comemora os 20 anos de carreira.

1) Intro
2) Earthshaker Rock
3) Doro Rocks Hamburg
4) Haunted heart
5) From Hamburg To Helmond - The Twilight Zone
6) You're My Family
7) Hot In Helmond / Metal Mayhem In Madrid
8) True As Steel
9) From Madrid To Barcelona - Metal Man Saves Two Souls
10) Above The Ashes
11) Goodbye Barcelona - Hello Langen
12) Strangers Yesterday
13) Für Immer
14) Langen Farewell
15) Love Me In Black
16) Russia Special Part 1
17) My Majesty
18) Warrior Soul
19) Russia Special Part 2
20) All We Are
21) Outro

1) Intro
2) I Rule The Ruins
3) Always Live To WIn
4) Metal Racer
5) East Meets West (Feat. Udo Dirkschneider)
6) Out Of Control
7) Bad Blood (Feat. Blaze Bailey)
8) Tausend Mal Gelebt
9) White Wedding (Feat. Jean Beauvoir)
10) Egypt - The Chains Are ON
11) A Whiter Shade Of Pale
12) Hellbound
13) You've Got Another Thing Coming (Feat. Saxon)
14) Fall For Me Again
15) Unholy Love
16) Fight For Rock (Feat. Warlock)
17) Love Me Forever (Feat. Lemmy Kilmister & Mikkey Dee)
18) Für Immer
19) Born To Be Wild (Feat. Claus Lessmann)
20) All We Are And Aftershow (Feat. Lemy Kilmister, Mikkey Dee, Jean Beauvoir, Udo Dirkschneider, Saxon, Blaze Bailey,

Warlock Guys, Claus Lessmann, Circle II Circle)

DVD 2:
1) Intro
2) I Rule The Ruins
3) Always Live To Win
4) Metal Racer
5) Hellbound
6) True As Steel
7) Burning The Witches
8) Hellraiser
9) East Meets West (Feat. Udo Dirkschneider)
10) Metal Tango
11) Out Of Control
12) Unholy Love
13) A Whiter Shade Of Pale
14) Whenever I Think Of You
15) Für Immer
16) Fall For Me Again
17) Tausend Mal Gelebt
18) White Wedding (Feat. Jean Beauvoir)
19) Drumsolo
20) Bad Blood (Feat. Blaze Bailey)
21) Egypt - The Chains Are On
22) Brutal And Effective
23) Love Me In Black
24) Earthshaker Rock
25) Love Me Forever (Feat. Lemmy Kilmister & Mikkey Dee)
26) Fight
27) Burn It Up (Feat. Rhein Fire)
28) You've Got Another Thing Coming (Feat. Saxon)
29) Alles Ist Gut
30) All Night (Feat. Warlock)
31) Fight For Rock (Feat. Warlock)
32) Evil (Feat. Warlock)
33) Born To Be Wild (Feat. Claus Haussmann)
34) All We Are (Feat. Lemmy Kilmister, Mikkey Dee, Jean Beauvoir, Udo Dirkschneider, Saxon, Blaze Bailey, Warlock Guys, Circle II Circle)

DORO - Classic Diamonds - The DVD (2004)
Doro canta acompanhada pela orquestra de Düsseldorf.

Live In Wacken
Fear of the Dark
I rule the ruins
Touch of Evil
Metal Tango
Für Immer
Let Love rain on Me
Breaking the Law,
All we Are

Impressions of the tour: 
Documentário da turnê , backstage, entrevistas

Live In Hamburg:
Concert  do dia  24 de outubro /2004 durante a t urnê "Classic Diamonds".
I rule the ruins
Metal Tango
She's like Thunder
Let Love rain on Me,
Touch of Evil,
Fall for Me again,
Tausend Mal Gelebt,
Breaking the Law,
Fear of the Dark,
All we Are,

"Let Love Rain On Me" - making of the do video clip
"Let Love Rain On Me" - video clip
TV show Rockpalast

Bootleg do show do Rockpalast TV
Metal Tango
True as Steel
Für Immer
Breaking the Law,
Let Love rain on Me,
Tausend Mal Gelebt,
All we Are

Documentario Turnê   Européia

Galleria de Fotos

Show em Balve, Alemanha da turnê Fight

DVD 1: 
1. Hellbound
2. Always Live To Win
3. True As Steel
4. I Rule The Ruins
5. Burning The Witches
6. Save My Soul
7. Hellraiser
8. Love Me In Black
9. Für Immer
10. Fall For Me Again
11. East Meets West
13. Burn It Up
14. Fight
15. All We Are
16. Rock Before We Bleed
17. Earthshaker Rock
18. Undying
19. Constant Danger
20. Chained
21. Ich Will Alles
22. Metal Tango        
Making of (Balve-Concert)      

The Video Collection
Fight For Rock
All We Are
Für Immer
Unholy Love
Bad Blood
Love me in Black
White Wedding
Always Live to Win

Making Of  The Cave Concert

DVD 2:
Documentario: Doro Rock`U'mentary
DORO DownUnder, Australia 2003
True Fans, Rene's Room

Access All Areas - Part 1:
Born To Be Wild, Derby, U.K. 2002
Soundcheck, Hamburg, Gro'e Freiheit 36, 2001
White Wedding, Hamburg, Gro'e Freiheit 36, 2001
Man On The Silver Mountain, Valencia, Spain (with Mago de Oz)
Born To Raise Hell, London, U.K. (with Motorhead)
I Rule The Ruins, Bang Your Head Festival, Balingen, 2002
Hellbound, Wacken Open Air, Bootleg 2002
All We Are, Barcelona, Spain, Palau Olympic, 2002
All We Are, Bremen, Aladin, 2001 (with Jean Beauvoir)
Hellbound, Rijeka, Croatia, Fight Tour 2002
Tausend Mal gelebt, Frankfurt, 1998 (In Memory To Mario Parillo)
Whenever I think Of You, Hamburg, Gro'e Freiheit 36, 1993
Dressed To Kill, Los Angeles, 1990
Earthshaker Rock & Interview, U.K. 1986
Time To Die, Bochum, Zeche, 03.06.1985 (Doro's Birthday!)
Abspann, Headbangers Ball
Tschüss, Bye Bye

Doro Meets Symphony
Live It - Tonhalle Düsseldorf
Danke - Tonhalle Düsseldorf
Burn It Up - Tonhalle Düsseldorf
White Wedding - Zeche Bochum
I Rule the Ruins - Zeche Bochum

Photo Session with Regina Halmich

Access All Areas - Part 2
Undying @ Star FM Radio In Berlin
Save My Soul
Beyond the Trees
Burning the Witches
Bad Blood
Salvaje - Studio Recording

Entrevistas Exclusivas
Galeria de Fotos escondida

DORO - LIVE (1993)
Show ao vivo da turnê Angels Never Die. Lançado apenas em VHS.

I Rule The Ruins
Only You
Bad Blood
So Alone Together
Eye On You
Metal Tango
Fall For Me Again
Fur Immer
Let's Rock Forever
All We Are
Enough For You
The Fortuneteller
I Am What I Am
East Meets West
Whenever I Think Of You
Children of the Night
Burning The Witches
Alles Ist Gut

Doro Pesch - vocals
Nick Douglas - bass
Joe Taylor - guitar
Johnny Dee - drums
Jimmy De Leilla - guitars/keyboards


Lançado apenas em VHS. Compilação dos vídeos do Warlock e Doro.

Rare Diamond
Unholy Love
A Whiter Shade of Pale
Hard Times
Fur Immer
All We Are
Fight For Rock

WARLOCK- The Videos (1989) 
VHS com 4 video clips de 1987 à 1989.

1) Für Immer
2) All We Are
3) Hard Times
4) A Whiter Shade Of Pale

WARLOCK – Metalracer (1985)
Este VHS gravado no London Camden Palace em 24/09/1985, na turnê Hellbound, foi lançado com 3 nomes diferentes:
Metalracer  (1985)
Hellbound   (1986)
Live From London -  Relançado em 2001, em DVD, apenas este saiu em edição nacional.
Out of Control
Earthshaker Rock
Metal Racer
Holding Me
Shout It Out
Without You
Hateful Guy
All Night
Burning The Witches
Time To Die

Line up
Doro Pesch - vocals
Peter Szigetti - guitar
Rudy Graf - guitar
Frank Rittel - bass
Micha Eurich - drums

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